The Glory Road is a play with music. It’s a behind-the-scenes showbiz/rockabilly/gospel love story set in the Deep South in the 1950s, with original staging by director, Greg Zerkle (North.)  It’s also a CD, Fern Jones/The Glory Road.  It’s American music history, and it can also become a movie or a TV show. Here’s the website, with sounds and stories. Please visit   



I share a website, The Aging of Aquarius, with writing partner, Dave Williams, where we blog about what it’s like being a certain age, and surviving rock and roll. We were both disc jockeys and still spend much of our time talking into microphones. We both got ourselves some grandchildren about the same time, and we think they’re good subject matter. (Who’s going to tell us no?) We write about serious issues, about nonsense, about music, about our families, about travel (mostly Dave) about food (mostly me) and more. From time to time we talk about editing some of our stories into a book. Please visit

Based on real people and real events, Sounds of the City takes place in San Francisco during one colorful year in the 1980s.  It’s being adapted for several platforms. It will be available as an audio book, as downloadable audio entertainment, as an e-book with enhancements and who knows what next? Steve Bradford is the partner who makes the magic happen through his visual design and sound editing. Click on Sounds Of The City above to hear an excerpt.